About Nikky


Nikky is a decorative Illustrator of life and whimsy.

Nikky Starrett is a passionate illustrator who uses arabesque lines and beautiful colours in her work. Along with editorial, book and business illustration, her work is found in textiles and apparel. She also runs a shop on etsy as well as this blog that posts every Monday and Wednesday of the year.

She lives in Oakville Ontario with her wonderful husbandRichard Starrett and their two cats Patches and Mint. Walks to cafes are a wonderful pastime for this couple especially if it goes threw the woods. When the weather is bad they play cards together accompanied by home-made loose leaf tea or hot chocolate. Despite her struggle with fibromyalgia, Nikky keeps her eyes open to new and positive possibilities. Her outlook on life keeps her going despite the constant pain in her body. The good Lord knows this couple wont scum to abandoning their dreams because of this challenging syndrome.

In 2011 Nikky started a five-year process of writing a book for illustrators. This book is going to encompass how to be a successful organized illustrator. This will be a positive achievement in the field as it is in need of tools of this nature. The work book will be self published and distributed by Nikky Illustrates.


Please visit my website for contact info and more great stuff!
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