Time Escape

March 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

So last week was left without a blog. I was quite disappointed because I do prefer to be consistent with these things. The reason behind the lapse was because the computer failed to turn on again. It took Apple a week to get it back running again. That meant I was sans-computer for three weeks! Before the computer died I was house sitting for my friend Rose for two weeks. I got to spend time with three large dogs and an extra-large cat. We got a lot of snow and had to keep warm by the fire in the evenings. It was lonely but I got a lot done for the kids book my mother and I are working on. She’s a highly trained ECE (early child educator) working as a resource developer for her field and a bunch of other amazing work. She wrote a bunch of books and I’m starting with one called Parrot Parrot What Do You Say. It needs 45 full coloured illustrations. As I said before I like to be consistent with things and this book has been anything but that! I received the project when I started my degree and only now have really worked on it (other than layout and roughs). As many excuses as I have, it’s still disappointing to let time escape. It seems there is never enough of it when you want to do more.


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