January 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Happy new year indeed. Thank you for all your patience, dear readers. After the crash of Victor the laptop on Christmas week we had another computer tragedy to deal with in the new year. The desktop decided not to turn on but a week ago. I just wouldn’t start. So we brought it in to Apple and still not a flicker of light out of it. A week past and they finally got to start working on it. It turned on without delay. They don’t know why it did what it did. Poor Richard forgot to ask about its hum so we will need to bring it in for more diagnostics soon. I hadn’t had time to finish last weeks blog before the crash. I try to have a few weeks done in advance for just such occasions. Ironically I was caught lacking the one time in over a year I fell behind. Such is life!

Richard says it was for the best. I was able to relax more and work on improving my health. Speaking of which, with his new job we are able to send me for massage therapy to help improve my fibromyalgia symptoms. It’s been helping a lot! My quality of life is improving and my work is following suit! I’m looking forward to this new year. The past week has shown me, or forced me, to face relaxation full force. I think I’ll continue letting myself relax for a while everyday as it does seem pleasant enough to become a daily allowance.

What did I do with my time? I read Jane Eye! It was just the book for me and I loved every page.



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