Water Soluble Graphite Review

October 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

Written by Nikky Illustrates www.nikky.ca

My first time using this new product was remarkable. I was so excited about this new medium and this feeling has not changed. I use the puck in the tin because I liked the thought of the easy washes I could make with them. Then I enjoyed how little it took to make a wash. I use synthetic brushes with this medium and love the dexterity. It dried at a reasonably fast pace and didn’t rub off on my hands too. I like pencil drawings but I do prefer painting and seem to have a heavy wrist and smudge the drawings all too often. When I was finishing up the painting I noticed I had gone too dark and needed to make the objects recede a little. So I took a normal white eraser to the 300lb cold press watercolor paper. The geys came off gradually and evenly. Although I doubt it would have gone back to pure white it erased well enough when I miss painted a face and wanted to restart. It didn’t buckle or puddle on the paper like low-grade watercolours either. I was so pleased!

I started this painting with a general HB sketch on a piece of card stock. I don’t like working directly off of watercolour paper as it tends to ruin the surface if it’s overworked. I worked out the layout and composition as well as the tonal range. Then I used tracing paper to transfer the image onto the 300lb waterclour paper. One the image was on the paper I used my original drawing and all reference photos. (I took these photos but never copied directly from them)


I started the painting with the lightest grey wash I could mix and blocked out the beginning of the shapes. I then continued to mix darker and darker values of grey to add volume and depth to my painting. I waited until the other layers had dried out of personal preference. When I needed to, I erased sparingly with a white eraser. I found the kneedable one didn’t work well enough for me, maybe because it was too soft. Eventually I used my smallest brush with little water and heavy pigment to add my final darkest elements.

This may not seem like a wild ride for everyone but to combine drawing pencils and watercolour into one product was such a rush for me! I can’t wait to experiment and  enjoy all aspects of this new favourite toy! I fully recommend it to anyone over the age of 8!

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  • N says:

    I have found a new love with watersolubable graphite. It is my new addiction. My favorites are from Artgraf(the sticks) and the Pacific Arc which has grades all the way up to 12B. Together with my other addiction the Derwent Graphintint I am able to create moody pieces. I also prefer working in black and white from my photographs to my drawings. Thanks for the article.

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