Tag, I’m It!

October 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tags are SO IMPORTANT for search engines. So I went through all my listed items on Etsy and made sure they where the best. I learned that tags aren’t about the description of the item as much as what people are looking for. So if I have an item that is a Cats with Hats card the tags could look like this; Cats, card, blank, greeting, thank you, invitation, thinking of you, digital, card, cartoon, funny, etc. Before I thought it was more about the card so I had added tags such as these; cats, hats, blank, card, funny, ice cream, yellow, scared, illustration, envelope. Only some of those would get me the customer’s attention I needed. Now I need to see if my shop gets more attention. I’ll use my stats to help me with this.

Check out my new banner. This will allow me to show what my shop it about as soon as they arrive. It tells them my shop name, what I sell and shows small images of my merchandise. Setting up an online shop is hard. I don’t know my branding yet so it’s all trial and error for now.


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