Sketches in my Sketch Book

September 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Whenever I’m feeling a tiny spark of creativity during my down time I get out my sketchbook. I keep it in a large pouch I made with some of my favourite fabric design. With the book, I keep wood-less pencil crayons, a mechanical pencil, an eraser and a small accurately sculpted animal toy for reference. When I don’t want to draw something new I’ll just go back into the book and continue on a started piece. This is fun, as I get to see the images progressing in ways I didn’t originally expect.

Sometimes when I’m going somewhere for a few days I’ll bring it along. Even when I go for coffee with a friend it comes with me. Spontaneous art jams pop up a lot in my life and I like to be prepared.

Here are a few pages of my current sketch book. Often when I’m done one book I wont buy another in the same size. I like mixing it up. So far I really like this size (about 3.5″x5.5″ with 7″wide spreads) because it doesn’t take much effort to fill a page. Filling pages feel rewarding somehow, like I’ve accomplished something.

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