Scared Faced Felines

August 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ve been asked the question too often “why did you choose to have all the Cats with Hats so uncomfortable looking?”. So it’s about time I tell you why exactly the reasons!

It all started with the original Cats with Hats that I was doing for a fun side project for my thesis of my BAA of Illustration. I was making a set of line drawings about multiculturalism in a funny way. I dew hats from around the world on cats. I figured that the cats would be uncomfortable with these hats on their heads and so I dew them this way. Looking back on this desision I realized I may have been able to acomplish such exagerated features by drawing from my own discomfort. I had had fibromyalgia for two years at that point and was dealing with chronic anxiety (which originally brought the fibro on). I could relate to the discomfort of the cats. Put into a stressful and umcomfortable position without the ability for relief was my inspiration.

When I started the Cats with Hats weekly I hadn’t yet come to the realization that I was able to create the features by drawing on my own experience. The drawings came easily to me and I wanted to use this as a welcomed asset. So the weeks continued and I found that by drawing the funny faces I was able to find some sort of peace of mind.

This week I’m featuring the fabric I created with the first half of this years collection of cats. This fabric can be purchased HERE.

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