Final of Annas Art

July 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here is the meaning behind the painting done for my dear friend Anna. The final is found bellow. Don’t remember the previous blog posts? The roughs blog is HERE and the progress is HERE.
She asked me to illustrate the verse; “As long as space endures, and there are beings to be found, may I continue, likewise, to remain, to drive away the sorrow of the world.” So I got to work and also incorporated some of the things she enjoys. She likes the henna I do and also wanted the colour red to be present. However to illustrates this verse I needed the use of metaphor. Bellow is the explanation of the metaphors I stayed with;
Space endures; The window creates a barrier as well as a port-hole. It creates the question of how much space and where it exists. It makes the viewer look at the two spaces and think about space itself. I was careful to make the design flow off the borders of the image to create a space larger then what we are seeing. As you may see, the soul is looking out at the body. I wanted to use this as an emphasis that the soul is more important then the body. After all, the soul determines what the body does, for the most part, and lasts after the body departs.
The beings to be found and driving the sorrow of the world away; These are both found in the three birds. The first is apparent; we find birds in the art which are beings. The second is that the bird’s song is uplifting and creates hope which tends to expel sorrow. To endure likewise would imply the creatures are driving the sorrow away.
The soul; As this is a verse about personal meaning and endurance so I wanted to keep the decorative elements meaningful also. The lotus found in the red and brown henna is an ancient symbol. It represents, for some, enlightenment of the human soul as well as purity. It has many other meanings that keep within the area of purity and beauty. The other flowers found with the birds are the apple blossoms. This flower represents among other things, peace and love. This metaphor is more partial towards the physical aspects of love and inner peace then the lotus who focuses on the souls peace.
I wanted there to be two flowers, one on each side of the window. This would unite the two aspects of the space or if you would, the person. One flower, the lotus, is more about the soul being well and blossoming. The other flower, the apple blossom, is about the body in a mirror state to the soul. When the two are in line, the whole of the person functions at it’s best. If I was going to do metaphor I wanted to do it right. I don’t think it’s overkill because this is what she wanted; an illustration of a deep and meaningful verse.
It helped that this is a very decorative verse so the decorative elements needed to be there anyway. Also I was able to keep with my decorative style which satisfies me. I was suffering quite a bit with my fibromyalgia when I was creating this so I tried to use the wisdom of meditation to keep me going. In the end I’m happy with the result of the final.
Any prints will have to stay small as my camera is only a point and shoot and the final is 22”by 23”. This means I can’t get the high details of the art into the tiny lens of my camera. No bother regardless as most people are buying my art as cards these days.
For all you who want to know what the birds are they are a Chickadee on top, Red Poll and finch. All birds are found in Ontario.
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