Wendy Faust

June 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today is a special guest day! As you know, the creative process is met with many opportunities. As birds of a feather generally go to the same programs and classes then stick together later on as colleagues, you can see how they play a role in the lives and careers of, well, other similar birds. So today I’m introducing Wendy Faust! We accomplished our degree of illustration together at Sheridan College. She’s a cool girl, down to earth and fun! Currently Wendy lives in Kitchener Ontario. She reads a lot and enjoys her local farmers market. Like me, she finds inspiration from her cat Kiki. I’ve found great inspiration from her and her work! Thanks Wendy!

Wendy Faust creates haunting and beautiful work. It’s consistent and hosts a good sample of imagery shaded in fine line work. Her art  makes you think, feel and sometimes stare. I’ve enjoyed her company and her talent so now I hope you, the reader, feel the same. Visit her website at www.wendyfaust.com or compliment her at w.faust@me.com. She has worked for the Busted Flat Records, Jora Books and has been published in the National Post. bellow are some of her illustrations!


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