Art in the Park

June 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Neilson Park Creative Centers Art in the Park event went on ok for Jessica Caissie and I this June 10th. Despite a low turn out due to the hot weather we still had a few laughs sharing a booth and also made new friends. It was the first time we had been to this event as vendors and despite the less than satisfactory outcome it was said to be a slow or a low sales day for everyone. Sometimes this happens with events; a day just isn’t right for a large crowd of buyers. This meant we had more time on our hands to visit other vendors and chat longer with the other buyers. It was fun!

I got the pleasure to meet Anita Jacobson at her booth Designs in Demand. She hand crafts jewellery which are in my opinion, amazing! She is a truly talented woman! Her designs are well-balanced, properly priced and gorgeous! My breath was taken away by the fresh water pearl necklaces and bracelets she made. I’ll tell you she makes amazing pieces in many types of stone, crystal and pearl! Let me also tell you, if I was able to work and had the cash, I would have a grand, superb new set of jewellery! These where things of my dreams and something to save for. Email her at HERE or for her next vendor locations and dates. It’ll be well worth your while, I promise you!

While perusing the ills and vendors I was taken aback by the Handmade by Kate booth. Kate had found vintage tea cups and made them into soy wax candles! A stunning idea and a healthy, recycling one too! The wax was coloured to suit the tea-cup and everything looked truly charming!  You know how I love when something does double duty! Well these do just the trick! They are stunning as decor and light up romantically. I can imagine them now in a fabulous fashion magazine for the home decorator. She said she’s coming soon to etsy HERE! I’m very excited about it because I think she will be a very successful vendor. And to say I met her before she started selling on is really something!

Sometimes I find it very hard to conquer my feelings about not being able to work a job outside the home. I have the drive, motivation and ethic but not the health. Then I go to a be a vendor and I realize at the end of the day why this is. I’m glad one day with the help of my friends and family is bearable because I just love going and being a vendor. I can see how the general public reacts to my art and that’s so important to me. I may not have made a great deal of money but I met a few amazing vendors and had a great time with Jessica and our loyal, not to forget handsome, helping man Richard (yes, my husband!) I was inspired to keep going and learned how popular my printed cards are! They where the top-selling item at this event! I need to make more and continue to create! Learning about what works and what doesn’t is all about learning the business. I can’t learn all by others mistakes and so sometimes I need to take my own risks. I’m glad I did and now I’m on to new ventures and better opportunities.



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