Sharing Time

May 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

As many of you already know, I really like cats. I always have! When I was very young my grandmother on my Mothers side whom I call “Nanna” bought me a gift. If was more than likely from a garage sale as my Pappy and her loved going out for a ‘drive and a deal’ back then. She gave me an 8×10 inch placked photo of a white long-haired cat with a yellow rose. Well let me tell you I hated it! But I felt so guilty about this that I sat down and looked long and hard to see the beauty my Nanna saw. This week was also the week I was determining to decide all the thing I was going to ‘like best’. You can tell I was maybe five at the time. Well I asked my Mother, my Nanna and more than likely everyone else in the house what they liked about it. I discovered that the cat was in fact soft and playful and warm, the flower beautiful, bright and cheerful. I then realized that those where all the things I liked and wanted to emulate. That fateful day determined many choices I would later make in life.

Today I still like all those things very much. Some things have changed a bit but not by much. When I was seven my parents gave me a gift. It was my cat patches who is still with us. Unfortunately she is 18 and wont be with us forever. So my husband and I decided that to help me transition the change we would adopt a kitten from my friend Susan. This week the kitten is seven weeks old and almost time to come home. These photos were taken at week four. Since at that time it was too early to sex the kitten, the name choices are listed bellow for both options. Since then, a highly skilled vet at Lorn Park Animal Hospital sex my kitten female! However I was stuck on Mint for her name. So I combined the names and she is now names Flora Mint. Known as Mint she will only be ‘Flora Mint’ on special occasions and when she’s being naughty.

For all you readers concerned about the older cat being frustrated by the kitten, have no concern please. I’ve done a lot of reasearch in the transition. Also, because I’m home all the time due to a medical condition that keeps me out of a scheduled job I’ll be keeping the little one active and tiered out. My community of friends and family say it will be good for my health. It’ll also be inspiring!

This is a line that moves me and many others. I will keep discovering these lines and sharing them with you!

Lady      Flora Boots

Mr       Mint Mango

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