A Valentine Yummy

February 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Valentines is here and causes many a controversy. There are the lovey couples and the lonely singles. But it doesn’t end there! Some people have ridiculous expectations and others get uncomfortable being flaunted as a date. The drama is high and so is the passion. It’s quite exhausting and many people dread this chocolate eating, red washed holiday. Personally I think that it’s a little crazy to compare yourself with others. Also despite the fact that this is a holiday of romance it’s also a holiday of love. Love comes in all shapes and sized such as; partners, family and friends! Why can’t we celebrate these relations on this holiday of LOVE? The grass may look greener on the other side but you’re not there, your here. If you make the best of your situation and enjoy what you have then you may find it’s a lot more fun! Plus, it’s good to keep honest and level-headed. Be open and clear in your communications with the people around you. If your feeling smothered or neglected by your significant other than say so! It’s better to communicate early then have an outburst later on. Also I think it’s a good idea to let yourself reflect on who you love and why. It’s a good idea to know who in your life sits on your heart and take note. Just like thanks giving, knowing what you have and appreciating your life it important.

Want to share more of the love? There is nothing more inspiring than doing something good! Make a donation, sponsor a child, charity or children’s team. Can’t contribute financially? Why not volunteer, make a difference and share the love. After all, LOVE isn’t just for romance, it’s for everyday life.

All this being put out there, I should mention this is important in my process. Grounding myself and keeping track of what’s important to me is important. Also I need to stop eating so much chocolate! I love making chocolates! I make them for my wonderful husband. The ones bellow are made from dark chocolate with a coffee bean crunch bottom or fudge coffee crunch centre. I added some yellow accents for fun! Aren’t they beautiful?!

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