Be a Valentine?

January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

YES! Valentine’s day is about love. However it’s not just for couples but people you love who are of any relation. So let’s show some love with a note to those special someones. I’m making Valentine’s for laughs with, wait for it, Cats with hats! Buy them on my page now so you’ll have them for the big day.

I’ve always been inspired by this day. It’s SO IMPORTANT to some people for one of two reasons. #1 They are in love and very insecure. Thus they need to make a big fuss to show off and make their point known to all. ‘A big deal’ is different for everyone but it’s always ‘big’ for them. #2. They feel so unloved the day seems insurmountable and drives them into a chocolate eating frenzy for the perky feeling you get from the zing of caffein. These two reactions are so awkward and uncomfortable (normally out of character too) that it makes me feel the need to draw, draw, draw! Also, I look forward to reduced prices on ginormous chocolate bars the day after.

As for those people who celebrate quietly with their loved ones and give gifts to their best friends and favourite family, I commend you. My husband Richard makes me happy and I like the little day of celebration. It wouldn’t be right now to mention this. But a relationship can never be said as the only relationship worth celebrating. I can’t stress this enough. Love is all around! So go out and love!

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