Happy NEW Year

January 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ending the holidays is always bitter sweet for me. On one hand there is the bright new future waiting full of possibilities and always with excitement. However on the other hand the warmth of the soft bed, warm pajamas and cuddling with my kitty calls softly to me and my cozy sensibility. But that has passed and it’s time for the new year to begin. So let’s start by talking about my holidays!

I had so much fun! I got some nice new Kolinsky brushes that make painting with my new watercolour paints so much better. I designed new fabrics and got to piece together some of the fabric cut & sew patterns I made last year. Also I found a bunch of great fabrics and made myself an inspiration quilt. It’s soft on the bottom, plushy on the inside and so beautiful on top! Along with having holidays with my wonderful husband, great friends and family I was also able to relax. Now I’m pumped and ready for the new year and excited about all the plans I have. After all I find relaxing periodically rejuvenating. I always know when I’ve relaxed enough when I can’t sit still and keep my hands busy all the time with sketching, crafting or organizing. Since three days ago I haven’t sat still for more then a half hour. I must be ready to work.

This year is going to be wonderful! Not only am I going to share more about my process and experience in my blog but every Monday is going to be Cats with Hats day! That’s right, every Monday I will post a new Cat with Hat just for you! The cat will reflect the time of year like valentines day, Halloween and other great holidays we celebrate. I’ll post them here on my blog as well as on the Nikky Illustrates fan page on Face Book. At the end of the year I may just make a calendar of Cats with Hats for all my fans! This is very exciting for me and I hope your excited too!

Leave a message, I love feedback from my lovely readers!

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