Growing Short

November 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Another day to blog has come and ever since the last post not much improvement has occurred. It makes me a little sad when I try so hard to fix an artistic block and it doesn’t work. Maybe I’m working too hard at it. Sure it seemed to have worked after the amazing Halloween art jam but it was just a quick fix. This week the patch broke again and potentially made a bigger mess. So I’m stuck with the block and trapped on the spot. What to do?

So whenever this happens to me I have a second step to help un-block the right side of my brain. You may think, if you where around me, it was getting the flu but it’s not. It’s changing something or doing something outside my comfort zone. Generally this has proven to be a low risk, inexpensive change. I start small and work my way up and usually it works. This time I decided to do something larger first! I cut 13 inches of my curly hair off for Locks of love. This is no small thing! It took me three years to grow this length and it completely changed how I look. All in all it was an amazing things to do and not hard. I went to my dear friend Eli at his salon Eliegante Hair Design and Spa in Hamilton. ( ) I always feel like I’m at the spa all day when I’m there for even a short visit. Plus I have a small gallery of the four hair pieces I created up in this space. I looked him straight in the eye when he hesitated before the cut and said ‘let’s do this’. Now I feel lighter and people think it’s supper cute. I like it I think. It sure is different. So has this gotten me unblocked? Maybe I can blame the flu if the artistic energy doesn’t flow by the end of the week. Goodness knows I’m running out of ideas to get back into the swing of things.

If you’re wondering about the new paint I was going to buy… well I’m waiting. I won’t have to wait for long, just until the sale I know is coming. I need a good deal to save some money. Don’t we all. After all I’m just starting out and despite needing new supplies it’s always a good idea so save a little when and where you can. Don’t agree, leave a message and I’ll discus it in the next Wednesday post! Fun!


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