Settling Down

September 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week was very productive for Nikky Illustrates. There have been some changes in scenery , a new fabric and more development on other new textile designs. My wonderful husband Richard and I moved some things around in the house and now I share my work space with him in our second bedroom; this means I now have more space and a better organizing system. I’m a strong believer in organization and this change will increase productivity in the long run. Also it’s good for physical and mental healthy!

The fabric I designed is for the Spoon Flower Jack O’lantern contest next week. Although it’s not a traditional lantern with a face this design lends itself better to decorative seasonal decor rather then just the Halloween spirit. I prefer this as you get more out of the item, as well as allowing those who don’t celebrate Halloween or are scared of the lanterns with carved faces to have options as well. Openness and inclusion are important to me and a cornerstone to Nikky Illustrates. Also keep an eye out for my exciting Red Hatter fabric coming soon!

So now that I’m in my new space, more organized and the creative juices are flowing, I’m trying to expand my items at the Full Glory shop in the Arts Market. Unfortunately my creative attempt fell short of my intended goal. What I did was cast the original embellishment metal parts with an epoxy and then cast it with a clay epoxy mix. The items have all the details but they don’t look as clean or high quality as the current items for sale. It’s important, I think, to try new things and see how well you can succeed at something that interests you. When it doesn’t work you go back to the try, try and try again philosophy sometimes it works after some practice. In this case it still isn’t working for me. However something unexpected did come of this small adventure. I can use these moulds for chocolate casting! Perhaps I can carve a stamp and cast it for chocolate moulds. The epoxy I use is food grade safe and chocolates come out quite well! I probably won’t sell these moulds unless a special request is sent my way but I probably will use them for my own baking. Maybe even gifts for family who bake! So even though what I wanted to happen didn’t work I was still able to get something out of the experience. Now that I’m mostly done with these casting products I’m looking forward to seeing what my husband does with the items. He has insects and models that may be fun to reproduce. One day I’ll know how to use these items when I re-finish furniture too. So something new was learned.

I hope you all are enjoying the end of the hot season and the start of the new colorful one! Keep up-to-date with Nikky illustrates by subscribing to my blog!

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