Slim & Trim

July 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

Just like dieting means cutting out the excess, only working with the best and adding a few forgotten goodies, to improve you health, so too does re-considering a work load, to improve your output. For these same reasons I’m re-considering my schedule and cutting out some unnecessary tasks. After this I’m going back to some forgotten healthy habits. This means that I will no longer be working with flikr, tumblr or illustration Friday. This is not to say that these things don’t have merit or virtues but they just took too much time for me to handle properly. Sketchbooking will be coming back and hopefully soon make an appearance here on the blog. This healthy sketch book habit is part of the multifaceted creative process and should not be forgotten.

Now that the salt is out it’s also time to cut out the fat. I’m going to head in the lovely direction of more loose painting and mostly let go of the “tighter” less successful imagery. This means creating more images similar to Mouse, Tweet and the four Hair painting will be coming about. More lose washes, movement and life will be infused into the art and the static flat washes will start to be eliminated. It’s very exciting to finally choose between the two styles and this choice will allow me to focus on better art. This is what you, my audience and peers, have recommended and I’m glad to accept the direction. Feel free to comment about this focus. I thrive on constructive criticism and lively opinions.

– So now that these things are being renovated let’s recap what is still on the plate. will remain hand carved stamps and art prints. will continue to sell and create beautiful fabrics. will continue to be updated on a regular basis. will continue to offer Red Hatter Shirts for all the important RH occasions as well as offer group shirts for Red Hatters regional groups as well as anyone els who wants something done.

– Sketch book will be infused into the daily life of my work and make some appearances here on the blog.

– I will continue to work on the book about how to be organised as an illustrator and a creative individual with 2017 as a goal for public delivery.

– I also want to attend art markets (indoor and outdoor) to sell prints and items soon. This is exciting and there are a few lined up for research and proposal submissions. Stay tuned!

So when all is said and done it seems I’m still ambitious and driven but hopefully now I’m able to focus more on the artistic matter that will help develop my career. It’s a start and I don’t want to cut too much to soon. Stay tuned in for more great updates every Wednesday here on this blog!


Let’s review the direction I mentioned!


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  • I think doing more loose water colour work like how you did with the mouse and currency bird is a great idea! Although Im not sure if you should completely get rid of illustration friday, it could be part of your sketchbook process if a theme strikes you right. 😀

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