The Beginning

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

We open our eyes. We do this everyday without thinking, when we wake up, when we blink, when the lights change, when we take a moment to breath. All day we look around and see what is there. Even those who cannot use their eyes see around themselves only with other senses. We get use to what we see and consider it normal. From the beginning of our lives, the first time we open our eyes we consider life normal. Our own personal normal.

What then happens when we encounter something outside this box of our normal? We say “It’s weird.” or call it wrong and either reject it or study it as if it where something abnormal to dissect like a frog on a cold slab. Mostly we may take only what we want, what we can accept and push the rest aside. This is acceptable because there is only so much time and energy in the day. However I love what is kept because it stood out and was precious, even for a moment.

WELCOME to my blog. My name is Nikky. I like thinking about new things I discover in life and am currently working on an illustration thesis project for my undergraduate degree for illustration at Sheridan College. I’m focusing on diversity in multiculturalism with a specific interest of inclusion. In this blog I’ll share my thoughts as well as my process. I’ll share illustrations I’m working on as well as explanations and thought processes I have. Feel free to send me comments, questions or projects. I’m open to freelance May of this year 2011. Thank you very much.



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